The language of Zionism.

  • The Israel Project’s 2009


    “We may disagree about politics and we may disagree about economics. But
    there is one fundamental principle that all peoples from all parts of the globe will
    agree on: civilized people do not target innocent women and children for death.”


    civilized (adj.) 1610s, past participle adjective from civilize.

    civilize (v.) c. 1600, "to bring out of barbarism," from French civiliser, verb from Old French civil (adj.), from Latin civilis "relating to a citizen, relating to public life, befitting a citizen; popular, affable, courteous" (see civil). Meaning "become civilized" is from 1868. Related: Civilized; civilizing.

    citizen (n.) early 14c., "inhabitant of a city," from Anglo-French citezein (spelling subsequently altered, probably by influence of denizen), from Old French citeien "city-dweller, town-dweller, citizen" (12c., Modern French citoyen), from cite (see city) + -ain (see -ian). Replaced Old English burhsittend and ceasterware. Sense of "inhabitant of a country" is late 14c. Citizen's arrest recorded from 1941; citizen's band (radio) from 1947. Citizen of the world (late 15c.) translates Greek kosmopolites.

    citizenship (n.) "status, rights, privileges, and responsibilities of a citizen," 1610s, from citizen + -ship.

    Infanticide, the killing of unwanted babies, was common throughout the Roman Empire and other parts of the ancient world, according to a new study.


    The researchers took bone measurements of the Hambleden infant remains and compared them to those taken at two other sites: Ashkelon, Israel and the medieval Wharram Percy, England. Infants buried at Wharram Percy likely died of natural causes. Ashkelon, once part of the Roman Empire, told a different story.

    Nearly 100 infants all died at Ashkelon at about the same full-term age. They were not buried, but instead were cast into a sewer that ran beneath a brothel. Researchers suspect that most such victims were suffocated to death.

  • "The more you talk about the militaristic tone and jihadist goals of Iran backed terrorists – by using their own words -- the more empathy you will create for Israel."

    Equating jihad with terrorism is a false equivalence; jihad only exists within the religious context of fighting in the way of Allah. Terrorism is driven by political ambition, jihad is driven by religious principles, not political ones.


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