Edward Snowden

  • Mistress Of Edward Snowden Pronounces Snowden Dead In Russia

    Edward Snowden

    [Developing Story] Brian Michael – Get Off The Bs – 8/8/2016

    Late Monday afternoon, the mistress of the infamous Edward Snowden announced the death of Snowden, who was allegedly killed this past Saturday by a drunken knife wielding Buryat man in the Republic of Buryatia.

    Authors Notes:

    There are two red flags with this story. The first is that MRKU news reported that the man who died was 27 years old and that he died on August 6th. The second red flag is that Snowden’s alleged Tweet was allegedly posted on August the 5th. In my opinion, a dead-man’s switch would be set to at least 24 hours prior to its activation.

    If in fact the switch activated and released the alleged Snowden Tweet, Snowden would have most likely been killed or incapacitated as late as August 4th. However, newspapers in Russia are subject to government censoring, which would of delayed the story from appearing in an article by MKRU.

    Additionally, it is very interesting that the person charged with the murder and the victims are not named in the MKRA article. I have checked all the news sources in Russia. The only news agency reporting the aforementioned story is MKRU.

    Use your best judgment. My personal opinion, I think that Natasha and Lindsay have confirmed Snowden’s death.


    “I can authoritatively say that he is alive and well, he is living in Russia and is busy with his favorite work, and the appearance of certain symbols in his Twitter does not mean that he is in danger of some sort,” said Kucherena.

    “This is an attribute of his work and there is nothing bad about it," he added.

    Kucherena remarks come two days after Glenn Greenwald, a close associate of Snowden, tweeted to say Snowden was “fine.”



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