• Judaism rejects Zionism

    The proof that Judaism rejects Zionism:

    The state of Israel does not represent the promised land of Genesis 15. The land was promised to the descendants of Ishmael (Many Muslims identify as descendants of Ishmael) as well as to the twelve tribes.

    In the same day YHWH made a covenant with Abram, saying, Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates:
    Genesis 15:18

    Abraham had two sons, Ishmael and Isaac. Isaac's son Jacob was later called Israel, and the twelve tribes of Israel were names after his twelve sons.

    The Zionists wrongfully assert control of land that that is the inheritance of descendants of Abraham who are not Jewish. Theodor Herzl in reference to the area of the Jewish state: "From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates."

    In his Complete Diaries, Vol. II. p. 711, Theodore Herzl (who is called the founder of Zionism) says that the area of the Jewish State stretches: “From the Brook of Egypt to the Euphrates.”


    Islam therefore stands between the Zionists and their territorial ambitions for the Middle East. Evidence that the Zionists has actively conspired against Islam can be found in the circumstances of the formation of Hamas:

    “Hamas, to my great regret, is Israel’s creation,” says Mr. Cohen, a Tunisian-born Jew who worked in Gaza for more than two decades. Responsible for religious affairs in the region until 1994, Mr. Cohen watched the Islamist movement take shape, muscle aside secular Palestinian rivals and then morph into what is today Hamas, a militant group that is sworn to Israel’s destruction.


    Article 1 of the charter of Hamas states:

    The Islamic Resistance Movement draws its guidelines from Islam; derives from it its thinking, interpretations and views about existence, life and humanity; refers back to it for its conduct; and is inspired by it in whatever step it takes.

    Further evidence of the Zionist conspiracy against Islam is the Lavon Affair, aka Operation Susannah. In "The Gun and the Olive Branch", David Hirst writes of the Lavon Affair by saying that it was "generally assumed that they were the work of the Moslem Brothers, then the most dangerous challenge to the still uncertain authority of Colonel (later President) Nasser and his two-year-old revolution" (p.20).

  • Zionism Should be on Trial, Not Ken Livingstone

    What is Zionism? This is the question that millions of people across the United Kingdom will undoubtedly have been asking themselves over recent days in light of the political crisis and media firestorm that’s been whipped up over allegations that the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party has a problem with antisemitism. It is a crisis that has seen Labour MP Naz Shah suspended by the party, along with former mayor of London and Labour Party veteran Ken Livingstone – the former over Facebook comments that came to light, the latter over comments made in an interview he gave defending Shah during which he brought up the existence of the Haavara Agreement between the Nazis and Zionists in Germany to arrange the transfer of Jews from Germany to Palestine. It was a collaboration that was fiercely opposed within the wider Zionist movement and unanimously so within the wider Jewish Disapora at the time. In fact this opposition led to the assassination of leading Zionist Chaim Arlosoroff in Tel Aviv in1933 by, it is thought, Zionists belonging to Vladimir Jabotinsky’s Revisionist faction, over Arlosoroff’s support for and role in the Haavara Agreement.


    David Cameron is planning a crackdown on free speech that could silence dissent

    David Cameron’s new crackdown, reportedly to be announced in the Queen’s speech, will see people silenced and free speech curtailed. According to Politics Home, the legislation will “include measures to gag individuals, close down premises and ban organisations”. Also, programmes perceived to contain “unacceptable extremist material” will be shut down by the UK’s broadcasting watchdog Ofcom, under the Extremism Bill.

    Couple this with the government’s definition of ‘domestic extremist’ and the censorship could apply to literally anyone.


    The last part reads “a large number of persons in pursuit of a common purpose”. Combine that with “motivated by a political or ideological viewpoint” and you still couldn’t get much more vague. A student union fits that description. The Conservative party fits that description. Sunday mass fits that description. But importantly for the government, a demonstration against fracking, austerity or anything you can think of, fits that description.


  • In July 2, 1946 the King David Hotel was bombed bombed by Irgun, headed by Menachem Begin, the sixth Prime Minister of the state of Israel. The bombing killed 91 people and injured ‎46.

    Richard Silverstein writes:

    The far-right Irgun, the leading political Opposition to the Yishuv leadership, went even farther than the Yishuv in collaborating with the Nazis. They actually drew up an official plan to fight alongside the Nazis in the War. The Irgun was willing to help the Nazis win the War. It read:

    The establishment of the historical Jewish state on a national and totalitarian basis, and bound by a treaty with the German Reich, would be in the interest of a maintained and strengthened future German position of power in the Near East.
    Proceeding from these considerations, the NMO [Irgun] in Palestine, under the condition the above-mentioned national aspirations of the Israeli freedom movement are recognized on the side of the German Reich, offers to actively take part in the war on Germany’s side.

  • Brexiteers campaigning for Britain to leave the European Union are incensed at leaked German plans for an EU army, arguing that an additional center of European defense would see the US withdraw NATO funding.

    Their comments come after German plans for a European military HQ and the pooling of equipment to serve such a force came to light.


  • Israeli think tank: Don’t destroy ISIS; it’s a “useful tool” against Iran, Hezbollah, Syria

    The think tank, known by its acronym BESA, is affiliated with Israel’s Bar Ilan University and has been supported by the Israeli government, the NATO Mediterranean Initiative, the U.S. embassy in Israel and the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.


  • https://www.hooktube.com/embed/cZyCSb98eTo

    16:54 “In [the] fight for liberty there are always those who are more – call them extreme – or more adamant – or call them staunch – and they want it immediately – not to wait for the messiah” ~ Yechiel Kadishai

    And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.
    Leviticus 25:10

    jubilee: a year of emancipation and restoration provided by ancient Hebrew law to be kept every 50 years by the emancipation of Hebrew slaves, restoration of alienated lands to their former owners, and omission of all cultivation of the land.

    June 8th, 1967: Attack on the USS Liberty.

    The “shoah” interpretation:



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