Constitional Advisory Panel

  • The Panel recommends the Government:

    In NZ the civil government has no basis within NZ's constitution, so it is not a competent agency to effect change.

    notes that although there is no broad support for a supreme constitution, there is considerable support for entrenching elements of the constitution

    A positive sign, but which elements are the popular ones?

    notes the consensus that our constitution should be more easily accessible and understood, and notes that one way of accomplishing this might be to assemble our constitutional protections into a single statute

    A reasonable goal, but constitutional protections are not defined by statute.

    notes people need more information before considering whether there should be change, in particular information about the various kinds of constitution, written and otherwise, and their respective advantages and disadvantages

    In particular information about how New Zealand's constitution originated and developed as the unwritten constitution of England.

    supports the continued conversation by providing such information, and notes that it may be desirable to set up a process whereby an independent group is charged with compiling such information and advancing public understanding

    An truly independent group has no obligation to compile information and cannot be charged with such a task. A single public index of topics and summaries would facilitate the coordination of voluntary endeavours in this respect.


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