Where is Julian Assange?
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Lunch with Pamela Anderson (Marina Abramovich, Spirit Cooking), no proof of life.


Pamela Anderson Marina


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Prosecutors interviewed WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in London on Monday about a rape accusation, six years after an investigation began. The grilling has been delayed in the past because of diplomatic disagreements between Ecuador and Sweden, making this the first time Assange has been interviewed over the matter since initial questioning by Swedish police at the time of the allegation. Assange has denied committing any crimes, but fears that he will be extradited to the USA because WikiLeaks has dumped tons of US government classified documents on the web.


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Anonymous Legion ā€@WorldAnonLegion 19h19 hours ago
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.@YoumnaNaufal talks with #JulianAssange today, 26 November, from Beirut #maychidiacfoundation

Youmna Naufal

Talking w #JulianAssange tomorrow at noon live from Beirut at Phoenicia Hotel part of Free Connected Minds conference #maychidiacfoundation

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Julian Assange on News Talk 1290

"WikiLeaks not from Russian governmant" ~ Assange


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