Proposal for a Formal Criminal Investigation into PizzaGate

  • Background argument: H A Goodman


    The fact that there is no formal criminal investigation into PizzaGate can be spun by the media to mean that PizzaGate is fake news. An objective evidential basis can be developed by compiling a archive of affidavits and counter-affidavits relating to the investigation. This archive should be kept in a distributed form in order to eliminate the vulnerability of a central point of failure and the possibility of rejection of evidence.


    This is a crowdsourced investigation into the various allegations of the general body of information known as PizzaGate. The purpose of the investigation is to fulfill the requirements of due process in the collection of evidence relating to the investigation. Primary evidence is the sworn testimony of witnesses, notarized and collected in a digital form as an affadavit image with associated textual content.


    The affidavits are digitally scanned and a text representation is generated by OCR if the witness has not already produced a machine readable version of the text. The scanned image and associated text is added to a local git repository organized as a category tree. Repositories may be cloned, forked, and merged freely. Suggested primary categories are emails, missing-children, suspects, and images.


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