The Dutroux Affair

  • Highest level cover in combination with the cooperation of the press is necessary to facilitate a cover up of this magnitude. And coincidentally, with names as Baron de Bonvoisin, Paul Vanden Boeynants, Etienne Davignon and Maurice Lippens we have alleged abusers with endless connections in intelligence and covert operations, the judiciary, law enforcement, regular politics and the globalist elite. Within Belgium several of the most senior judges, like Melchior Wathelet and Jean Depretre (not counting Van Espen), were named as abusers, and coincidentally they played crucial roles in earlier affairs where cover ups and manipulations had been going on, like the Pink Ballets and the Gang of Nijvel.

  • Most informed observers agree that Cools was in a posi­tion to name the names in some of these Iran-Iraq arms deals. Only a few days before his murder, and after conducting his own investigation in Geneva and Lucerne, Switzerland, Cools had announced to the press that he would make some startling revelations upon his return from a vacation in Paris. He was murdered in Liege before he could make those reve­lations. While the official line of the government is that the pedophile case and the Cools murder are only "very indi­rectly" linked, nonetheless, many of those arrested in both affairs were: 1) leading members of the Socialist Party in Belgium's Wallonia region, and 2) members of the Masonic lodge in Liege. The latter is affiliated with the Grand Orient Lodge of Belgium, and has among its membership 40% of the top leaders of the Wallonia branch of the Belgian Social­ist Party, as well as leading members of the elite of Wallonia and French-speaking Brussels. The Belgian lodge is affili­ated with the Grand Orient Lodge of France; which is in turn dominated by the French Socialist Party. The Belgian Socialist Party is so close to their French colleagues that, in recent days, leaders of the party, including Robert Colli­gan, the prime minister of the Wallonia region, and Claude Eerdekens, the parliamentary party leader, in response to criticism from some of the Flemish parties, threatened to secede and become a department of France. Furthermore, NATO's political and military headquar­ters are located in Belgium, and a vast array of official, semi-official, and private intelligence "sub-organizations" played a crucial role in the arms shipments and other activi­ties related to the Bush-North Iran-Contra operations, and to the eight-year-Iong Iran-Iraq War. In the context of these arms-trafficking operations, which drew upon NATO arms depots, a number of leading politicians and military figures in Europe were killed, including Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and former Schleswig-Holstein Gov. Uwe Bar­schel. Reportedly, Banque Bruxelles Lambert, Belgium's second largest bank, played a role in financing the Iran Contra-linked arms deals, such as one called "Operation Demavand" .


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